The information on this page is based on a general consensus drawn from the extensive TBQ discussions on the matter. Christian Atheism is not a religion; rather, it is a general description for a range of similar religious lifestyles.

What is a Christian Atheist?Edit

A Christian Atheist is someone who at least partially considers themselves Christian, but who does not live a Christian lifestyle and/or fully believe in God.

Examples of Christian AtheistsEdit

  • Someone who believes Christianity but does not act on it or allow it to influence their lifestyle and morals
  • Someone who sort of believes in God and sort of follows Christian principles
  • Someone who believes God does not exist but that he is a good symbol of how to live your life
  • Someone who thinks God might exist but can't be bothered to be a Christian

Perception of Christian AtheistsEdit

The school would officially class most Christian Atheists as Christians. There are several reasons for this:

  • The expectation of what makes you a Christian is very low nowadays
  • It's people's parents who write what religion they are when they join the school
  • The majority of Christian Atheists would consider themselves Christian (which is probably linked to the first point).

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