TBQ, an abbreviation of The Big Questions, is an after-school club at Stamford School where a group of pupils get together to discuss ethical issues in a fun way.


TBQ originates from a club called JCU, or Junior Christian Union. The name and club were changed as a decision by the members, as more than half did not consider themselves to be Christians. Because of this, TBQ is no longer a Christian group, but rather a group where people of any beliefs, whether they be a Christian, Atheist or anything else, can meet together to discuss ethical issues such as bullying, or the BNP. This change resulted in the group more than doubling in size, due to the increased interest of non-Christians. However, the number has now considerably gone back down in size due to the attempts of the two adults who run TBQ attempting to restore it to its more serious and Christian past. for more details on this see TBQ: Civil War


Currently, the two main forms of TBQ meetings are PowerPoints and discussions. Of the two, PowerPoints are more popular among the Pupils, while discussions, which are usually bible-related, are preferred by the Adults. PowerPoints are usually based around an ethical question, though there are some exceptions to this, such as 'Issues at Stamford School: issues associated with cocky sporty people' , which looked at issues such as minor bullying and shallowness.


TBQ does not have a good reputation. Largely because of its links to JCU and Warhammer and Runescape, it is considered by most people to be sad. Its reputation is one of the reasons it is having trouble getting enough members.

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