The TBQ Civil War is an unofficial name for a non-violent coflict betwwen two sides seeking to make TBQ into the club they want. The two sides are the Pupils and the Adults.


The Pupils and the Adults both want to take TBQ in different directions, which conflict directly. The Pupils aim to make TBQ less Christian-based and more fun, with more powerpoints. However, the Adults wish to prevent this, and to restore TBQ to its old status as a bible discussion group known as Junior Christian Union ( see TBQ, Origins section).

The Significance of PowerPoints in the conflictEdit

The most significant and popular feature of TBQ in its current state is the TBQ PowerPoints. These PowerPoints are a way of making ethical issues fun and entertaining, and the latest examples contain cartoon representations of the members examining and discussing the issue, with lots of in jokes and personal cliches involved. These are very popular with the Pupils, but the Adults think that they are far too comical and irrelevant. Because of this, the Adults have forced the Pupils to make the PowerPoints a lot less entertaining and also much shorter, as well as making them only once every other week. This is one of the main things the Pupils are unhappy about.

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