This is a comedy article. It is not intended to provide accurate scientific information.

Year 7s are a subhuman species who are common at school


  • About 3-4 feet tall
  • Vary in intelligence from as intelligent as a hampster to as intelligent as a dim human
  • Vary in appearence largely, can look like small humans, or more animalistic with features such as hampster-like faces, or strangely proportioned limbs and heads.
  • High voice


Most people consider Year 7s to be less than human, and treat them accordingly.

Theories about Year 7sEdit

  • Some people think that when they turn 12, Year 7s begin to metamorphose into creatures which are identical to humans
  • Some Year 7s have suggested that Year 7s are actually just young humans. Obviously, no sane humans take this ridiculous theory seriously

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